Utility companies count on radio communications to deliver services to our communities. Organizations that are responsible for providing electricity, water, gas and telecommunications services need a communications system that allows them to carry-out their operations with maximum efficiency so that interruptions to critical public services are minimized. Control room staff and dispatch operators need to communicate with operations and maintenance staff, supervisors, and emergency teams in the field.

Coordination of jobs over large geographical areas takes place regularly in both routine and emergency situations. This calls for a reliable radio network that can be bridged to span great distances and can be accessed through available technologies such as VoIP. The key, therefore, is to integrate the available communications mediums in a simple and intuitive manner, controlled from a reliable and efficient radio management system regardless of complexity.

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Which Dispatch Solution?

With the large variety of dispatch consoles and solutions out there, not to mention the differing protocols and technologies, choosing the best dispatch console for your organization can be a confusing process.

Omnitronics provides a number of solutions to meet these needs:

  • The 619 Range of Audio Bridges enables interoperability between frequency bands and provide a simple way of rebanding and/or narrowbanding a network
  • The IPR Range of VoIP adapters/gateways for connecting existing Analog Equipment via an IP network and providing the number of benefits RoIP gives organizations.
  • The DRG Range of digital radio gateways for added security, flexibility and interoperability on digital radio networks.
  • The DX-Altus Radio Management System which provides phased upgrades from analog to digital protocols, interoperability between protocols and complete redundancy, amongst many other benefits.
  • RediTALK-Flex dispatch console for small to medium sized dispatch centers who want the powerful functionality of digital radio and the flexibility of RoIP but without the complexity of a server.

The types of Utilities organizations Omnitronics can provide solutions for includes:

  • Electricity Providers
  • Water Utilities
  • Gas Suppliers
  • Telecommunication Services
  • Coal
  • Nuclear Energy
  • Green Energies

For examples of our solutions, see our Case Studies.

We'll find the perfect system upgrade for you.

Radio over IP for Disaster Recovery

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